Danielle has helped me so much. Her blog alone  has taught me about my life and myself. With her coaching services  I have found a couple of different careers that I could picture myself doing and loving what I do.  She was there for me if I had questions and got back to me fast and had very helpful messages. I will definitely go back to her for her wonderful services. -M. Thomas

Danielle’s email sessions were incredibly thorough, helpful and thought out. Sometimes it takes an outsider to show us the steps we can take to make the improvements we long for. Danielle gave detailed methods for improvement and the support to make those changes. The email session took off the responsibility or pressures of going to see someone and it allowed me to dig deeper within myself, in the comfort of my own home. Thank you Danielle for providing insight in my life in a way that I was unable to on my own! -Jill G.