Intuitive Card Readings

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Intuitive Card Readings


Something new and exiting here on I am now offering intuitive readings. I have felt a calling to do this for some time now and I have been told by an intuitive mentor of mine that I should be offering this as one of my services. As with anything new I am nervous but its an excited kind of nervous. I am offering this at a great price of $10 a reading.

What To Expect:

I will draw three cards to address your specific question or situation and intuitively interpret the messages that are waiting for you from the universe.

-After I receive your payment of $10 I will then send you a hello email.

-Then you will email me back your question

-I will then email you back your reading.

I will answer emails as they come in and will send you back your reading as soon as possible depending on how many requests I have at that time. I will let you know the wait time in the hello email that you will receive.

Thank you so much for signing up and I am excited to work with you!


Danielle Arlene

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