One Week into 2018

2018 is now upon us and I bet you have felt the pull to make some New Year resolutions. As the days leading up to the change of the year, many people feel pumped to make changes, reflect on the previous year and write down their hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Then the ball drops and we get right back to our every day routines and a week goes by and we haven't started on our goals or we make excuses and push it off til next Monday or the next day we have off from work. I am not judging anybody because trust me I have done this many times. I have set many goals in the past and not met them and some I hadn't even attempted to start.

The best this you can do to achieve your goals in any area of your life is to find a coach/mentor. I suggest finding someone outside of your friend and family circle.

You need someone who will hold you accountable and not pacify you when you do not stick to your goals.

There are many different types of coaches that specialized in everything under the sun. Any area of your life that you want to improve you will find a coach/mentor/trainer for.

I always recommend finding someone that you are comfortable working with, someone that is affordable for you and that you connect with. Never feel stuck to working with one specific person, shop around. Coaching is not a one size fits all.

2018 is the time to start making changes that stick, to be supportive and feel supported, to love, to laugh, to have fun. It's time to take control of your life and  set yourself up for success. 

Happy 2018,

Danielle Arlene

If you are interested in working with me please checkout my Email Coaching page. Use code "2018" for 50% anything service or product through the end of January 2018.