What I Like To Do On A Rainy Day

In the summer we often let the rain bum us out or complain because it ruins our perfectly sunny days. If you are somewhere where it snows during the winter you often soak up as much sunshine and nice weather when you have the chance.

For me I love a good rain day in the summer. This is nature’s reminder for me to take a break, slow down and relax. I get quite, put on comfy clothes and do whatever I want to do and when I want to do it.  I also most likely squeeze a nap in there somewhere and will end up watching a movie.

Here is a list of some of my favorite rainy day self-care activities:

-Lighting candles


-Sitting down and reviewing what in my life is working and what isn’t

-Grab a book, blanket and something hot to drink and get cozy

-Watch a movie

-Sit quietly and listen to the rain

-Walk around the house and see what areas may need attention or change and make a list

-Catch up on my favorite blogs and podcasts

-Go through bills

-Make a favorite meal or bake

-Work on or start a hobby

-Stretch and move my body 

Take a bath with salt and my favorite essential oils

Listen to a guided meditation


If you take anything away from this I want you to use something in your life to remind you to participate in self-care. I like to use the seasons and the weather. If you are interested in an easy simple guided meditation please check out my Shop. Sending you so much love!

Let me know in the comments below an activity you like to do on a rainy day!