Doing Nothing

Sometimes we need to just sit and do nothing. Many of us are wired to do, do, do and go, go, go. This past Friday I spent the day doing nothing and it felt great.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of that Friday. I first started off my day with my morning routine and as usual I made a list of things that I thought I needed or wanted to do that day. Then it started…. as I was getting ready for the day I lacked focus, my mood was off and the motivation seemed to drain right out of me. The items on my list seemed daunting and not worth it. I decided I was going to just sit and do nothing that morning. I turned that morning into the whole day. I was a lounge lizard the whole day. No guilt, no apologies. I said “no” to each and everything that came my way. It felt great.

Before I would struggle to get the things on my list done, I would be crabby, easily annoyed and only get half of my list completed. Recently I have grown to realized that its ok to do nothing. Doing nothing is doing something for yourself. It is self-care. It is a break from our demanding lives.

I’ve noticed since starting and trying to grow my business that there will always be a to do list. Many times, the things on that list get pushed to the next day and the next. There will always be work to do and with that there will be time to do it. The world will not end, you are not lazy and it is ok to do nothing. Take an hour, a half-day or a whole day and do nothing. It feels so dang good!