Accepting Cancelled Plans

Lately I’ve been tested on letting things go that I cannot control. Most recently is the subject of people cancelling their plans with me. It seems that no matter how much I plan in advance it still seems to happen.

 Instead of feeling sad, hurt or annoyed this time I chose to be ok with it. I told the person the days that I was available the following week and left it up to them. I’m not going to wait for them to call or hold off on making plans “just in case” they might want to hang out that day. I simple left it up to them and let it go.

The old me would have been angry, talk to someone else about how frustrated I was with the person who cancelled plans to get validation on why I was ticked off. I might have even been cold to the person breaking the plans.

When we let go of things out of our control we free ourselves of negative emotions and energy. It feels freeing.

My five tips to you if this happens,

1.       Give them dates you are free and leave it up to them to do the planning

2.       Let go all emotions about it (anger, frustration, disappointment)

3.       Do not hold off making your own plans just “in case” they want to hang that day

4.       If they don’t end up making plans with you Don’t Take It Personally

5.       Surround yourself with people who want to spend time with you

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Danielle Arlene