Feeling Stuck..

Sometimes when trying to make decisions in our life we feel stuck and it can be difficult. What to do or what direction to go can leave us feeling clueless.

In the past I have read and heard many times “If you feel stuck then do “A” and then “B” will happen. Then you will not feel stuck anymore and all the right answers will come to you. This had never been true for me. There has never been a quick fix. 

My biggest struggle when starting out on my journey to find true peace and happiness was remembering what I liked to do or what brought me joy. I had no clue on how to be creative or where to start. It was like hitting a wall and had me grabbing the remote to watch mindless tv for hours.

I had forgotten what I loved to do and couldn’t remember the last time I did something for enjoyment. During this time, I would think ok painting I’m going to try painting…I would buy all the supplies then try to paint something and then the supplies would collect dust or  then I would decide I was going to make jewelry…make a few pieces and then the supplies would sit somewhere in a box.

I also have been guilty of buying tons of books only to let them collect dust. I had truly lost passion in my life. All I did was work and binge watch Netflix.

I finally realized that I needed to slow down, adjust my life and make time for myself. I started working with a coach who had helped me find what makes me tick, where I should focus my energy and has helped me realize the importance of self-care and that it isn’t selfish. She helped me realize that my feelings of being stuck are normal and not permanent.

Now I can get myself unstuck and notice the signs of it when it starts creeping in. I now coach others on moving through their feelings and help create a strategic plan to get them going in the direction that they desire. 

After investing in myself I now have a career where I can work from home while helping others get unstuck and living from the heart.

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Danielle Arlene