Follow Your Guidance

I recently had an experience where something in my life was completely out of balance and out of alignment. I could feel a physical side effect in the form of a sensation that there was a “lump in my throat”. It felt like there was something stuck.  This happened after an incident at work. I had paid for a class that I was supposed to take and the person that was supposed to come in to work for me was a no-call, no-show. I missed the class. 

It was that day I decided that I would no longer accept things in life that take away from my passions, purpose and well-being. I would no longer let the poor behavior of others and the power that be who allow it affect me anymore.

Instead of being angry and brushing it under the rug and continuing to accept what is I made a pros and cons list of my current job. I need to have a steady stream of income as I build my business so I could not quit so I went on call. I now have the freedom to pick up shifts when I want and will have time off when I need it to focus on my side hustle life coaching and teaching which I want to transition into my full-time career.

Yes, everyone has this point in the tipping of the scales but usually don’t share their story until it is old history. I’m telling you this in the here and now. I am a coach and a teach, I have had clients but I still am not there yet.

After I put in my two weeks that day the lump in my throat was gone, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I felt freedom. It may seem minor to some but it was very empowering. I finally realized that being angry or upset at other was useless and I need to look at it as a lesson, a nudge from the universe. This was the tipping point in the scale that I had been waiting for. A push to fully follow my goals and dream to help other tip their scales to find balance and happiness.

My simple message to you is to listen to your inner guidance no matter what form it comes in. Nothing bad will come from it and you will only be closer to living a life you deserve. And damn it feels good!


Danielle Arlene