Compensating Coffee

Sometimes we need to stop and take a look at our patterns and daily interactions with the world around us. Lately I have been making a much-desired coffee just to only drink half of it. My favorite morning starter or afternoon pick me up is no longer doing it for me. We what does “doing it for me” really mean? I thought what is the coffee compensating?

I like the taste but lately I can only get through half a cup. I’ve switched brands and switched ways to brew it but still no change. I decided to go a little deep. Asking myself what is this coffee compensating for? What is missing or lacking? Why did I feel I needed that cup of coffee?

I realized that the cup of coffee was my liquid fuel to power through things that I really didn’t want to do. That cup of coffee was fuel for me in the morning to power through my morning because I had stayed up late the night before watching YouTube videos or scrolling through social media feeds on my phone. That cup of coffee was fueling my lack of passion and lack of energy.

I bet you like me can find something in your life that you use to compensate for something else instead of examining what is really going on in your life no matter how big or small it may be.

Recently I have addressed the areas in my life that I was compensating for with coffee. Getting to sleep earlier and diving into things that I am passionate about. I try to do something creative each day. I limit my YouTube and social media binge watching to a minimum and use that time for creativity.

I have not given up my cup of coffee in the morning and I now enjoy it for what it is and I am present in the moment while I drink it.

I ask you to do a little reflecting and see what area of your life may need a little love and care.



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