Switching Seasons and To Do Lists

Hey There!

I don’t know if you have felt it but lately the world seems a little overwhelming, sad and harsh. With things going on in the media, personal lives and  the season's changing fast (basically skipped Fall in my corner of the world) the world seems like a gloomy place to be.

In the northern hemisphere we are heading into winter and this can get us feeling a little overwhelmed. We may still be focusing on the things that we wanted to accomplish over the past summer and earlier fall but were unable to. As creatures of accomplishment this can leave us with a feeling of failure, feelings that things are always out of our control, that we never have enough time or that we are less than those who seemed to get everything done.

We do not have to let ourselves feel like this. It is all based on perception. Simply changing our focus to what we can do instead of what we couldn't will have us feeling lighter and brighter in no time. 

Now I want you to make a list of all of the things you did not accomplish over the past summer and ripe it up. Time to release those things and those feelings. It is time to focus on the here and now. Think about the things you want to do this upcoming holiday season. Pencil them into your calendar. Make plans ahead of time with people, go buy that book or plan that activity. Living within each season will bring you more joy and ease. There is no point in hanging on to the things you wish you should have done. If these things are really that important for you, they will pop up in the Spring when you start to plan your Summer. You do not need to practice this with just the seasons this can also be down monthly, weekly and even daily.

I encourage you to really take the time and do this exercise. It only needs to take 5 or 10 minutes. It will feel like such a relief to tear up the things that we no longer need to linger our focus on. Let me know how it goes in the comments below.