Goddess Provisions January 2017 Box Review

Goddess Provisions is a subscription box service that you receive in the mail once a month. They focus on high vibrational goods. Each box contains products that are good for the earth, body and soul.

(Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate post I just wanted to riff on what a good subscription box this has been.)

This box has never disappointed me. I have been a customer for a year come this February 2017. Not only have I been introduced to a lot of different products but I have also gained knowledge from many of the products. This thirty-three dollars a month subscription box comes with full size products and they are listed on a product card with details/descriptions and prices for each item. If a product needs specific info on how to use it, they will provide it for you.

 I came across this company on Instagram and though I would try it and I ended up loving it. I have grown my crystal collection and have purchased their special crystal box that they have listed in their shop. My essential oil collection has grown and I have expanded my knowledge on the different benefits and uses for oils that I have received. Many of the products I have been introduced to through this subscription service are things I would have never discovered on my own.

I highly recommend that you check this box out!

My most recent box was the January 2017 box and I love it! The products that were in this box are listed below:

House of Intuition Clarity Bath Bag – This is a pouch of Ultra Epsom Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Pink Roses, Organic Lemongrass and Organic Peppermint. This was the first product I used out of the box. After my bath I was left feeling very relaxed and my overall energy felt clear.

Jacq’s Organics – Green Tea and Smoothie Scrub & Masque. This is a powder that you mix with warm water to create a paste to use as a mask for 10 to 15 minutes. I have not used this product yet but I love masks and I’m excited to try it.

Awaken Essential Oils – This essential oil is to balance your throat chakra. I love the affirmation message card that came with it. It come with a roller ball applicator and I used this on my pulse points, throat and neck as directed. The oil has a beautiful aroma and is very relaxing to the senses.

Your Joyologist – I received four pins with kick butt messages on them. They are perfect to put on bags, your favorite jackets or to give away to someone who needs some inspiration. Love them!

Ommie Snacks – Cherry Chocolate Fruit and Seed Bar. The boxes contain some sort of snack product and it always fun to try something new.  

Tree to Tub – This product is soapberry for hair. It has a relaxing lavender scent. This product is organic, cruelty free, fair trade, vegan, naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, non-toxic, sulfate and paraben free. Whew what a long list of awesomeness. A cool thing that came along with this product is an actual dried soapberry. You can soften the soapberry in pot of boiling water, lather it up in your hands and use it to wash your face. Very cool!

Amethyst and Garnet pendant – This beautiful pendant can be used as a divination tool to help you utilize your intuition. Every box I have received has helped me grow my crystal collection to I was excited to see this in my box.


“Charge It Up” Patch – This cute vibrant patch would be perfect to add to any accessory.


Goddess Provisions is definitely one of if not the best subscription boxes I have tried. Like I said before this is not a sponsored or affiliated post. This is just a great way to invest in yourself each month. Also check them out on Instagram @goddessprovisions I have tagged all of the companies mentioned in this post on my Instagram @daniellearlene1 in case you want to further check them out as well. Also all of your questions about this subscription box service can be found on their website goodessprovisions.com/faq .