De-Clutter Series- Physical Space

In the first part of this series we will discuss de-cluttering our physical space. Our physical space could be our office, home, garage etc. The best place to start is in the home. I prefer to go room to room until each area of the house has been done. This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or long. Just take one room at a time, complete it and then move onto the next. Whether you complete this task in one weekend or if you do one room a week it will be well worth it.

I personally like to start in the bedroom. The bedroom is the first place you see in the morning and the last place you see before you head to bed. So what better way to start the process. I first like to clear all surfaces off. Grab a basket, bin box or whatever you like and clear every surface. Then create a donate pile and garbage pile. If you are someone who wants to sell items, make a pile for that too. Start by going through each drawer removing anything you no longer wish to keep. Leave the stuff you want to keep in the drawer that way you are leaving less clutter around you while you are going through things. Once you have gone through every closet or drawer, etc. Organize and condense the items that you want to keep.

Tip: Bring the garbage pile right out to the trash. Get rid of it as soon as possible before you change your mind. Also bring the donated stuff to your local donation center right away. The whole point of de-cluttering is to get rid of it right away. If you are going through rooms on different days, then you will need to make more than one trip. Taking an extra trip might seem annoying but its best to get rid of these items right away otherwise you will just be moving them from one room to another. (I have been guilty of this!)

The two hardest parts is making the time to do this process and the emotional attachment we sometimes have to objects we truly do not need anymore.  If it is something you have not used in over a year get rid of it, if it you have bad memories attached to it get rid of it, if it need to be fixed but you haven’t gotten around to it in months get rid of it.

Last take a look around your space. Give it a once over cleaning, make note off any repairs or items you would like to get for that space and move onto the next room.

I have found this process refreshing. It was hard to get rid of certain items that I had memories attached to but I remember them clearly and the item I no longer need.