Dont Fall Victim To Your Routine

The other day just like most days I woke around 4:30 a.m., brewed my usual morning cup of coffee and headed to my favorite chair in the living room to drink my morning coffee, attempt meditation (still trying to master this one) and wake up for the day. In the past week or so my neighbor has installed a very bright garage light that shines right in the window and in my face where I sit. For the past week, I have sat and squirmed in my chair, sat at a weird angle and cursed at that light. A not so great way to enjoy my once cherished morning routine. I had finally had it the other morning. I stood up and walked over to another chair and sat down. Then it hit me. I had fallen victim to my own routine. I let something as silly as a light ruin my morning ritual. Victim can be a pretty strong word but it’s amazing how something so simple had such a negative effect on me and it was all within my control. I chose to sit in that chair all those days being uncomfortable when all I had to do was chose to move.

I made a decision and in a moment, my experience improved. Simple, right?

There is nothing wrong with routines and if its working for you and your happy that’s awesome. I do believe however that we sometimes fall victim to our routines and miss out on something better. We can miss out on something better because we are not willing to deviate from the routine.


I encourage you to look at different areas of your life and shake it up a bit. Take a different route home from work, go for a walk instead of watching tv, read something that you may not normally read, order something different off the menu. The possibility to shake things up is endless. Add some excitement to your life and you may discover something better or a new way of doing something you enjoy.

Routines are great but should never be set in stone. We need flow in our lives and when there is a rock put in front of us we should be willing to flow around it. Do not miss out on something great because you are unwilling to change your experience.

Let me know in the comments below how you will shake up your routine. It can be as simple as trying a different cup of tea. I look forward to reading your comments.