De-cluttering Relationships

This post is going to be about de-cluttering those people in our lives that no longer match up with our energy and do not bring joy to our lives.

We have all had those people in our lives that take up space but do not really bring anything to the table. Matter of fact we feel that they overload the table after we are no longer in their presence. These individuals can be emotionally draining, negative and needy. They talk mostly about themselves and their problems or daily life. They only call or text when they need something. These people can show up in our lives as friends, romantic partners, co-workers and family members. When you come to the conclusion that these relationships no longer bring you joy, happiness or comfort it is time to say goodbye. Goodbye to text messages, phone calls and spending time together. This can sometimes be easier said than done. Some people remain in our lives no matter what such as family members or co-workers. It is however your right to no allow these people in your life or to negatively affect it. This does not mean you are better than them, mean, or selfish. This is just your intuition telling you that these people do not need to be in your life and that you can change that. It is time to make some room for new things in your life.

Our ultimate goal is to be in a state of pure, effortless joy and peace. Why should we let something or someone outside of ourselves take that away from us? You do not need to be rude, mean or make up excuses. Distancing yourself can be a natural way to get your point across.

If you have a relationship that you still truly value, then it is time to have an honest conversation with that person. Sometimes they may not realize how their behavior is affecting you. If they cannot respect your feelings, then it is time to let that relationship go.

A great quote I have come across lately is “If someone shows you who they are, believe them.”


Stay tuned for my next post diving a little more into de-cluttering certain relationships. Next up I will discuss friendships.

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I hope this serve you!



Comment below if you have any tips on de-clutter relationships. I would love to read your experiences and feedback.